Individualized Whole Body Care

Physical therapy services in Tallahassee, Florida

Synergy Physical Therapy proudly offers 1-on-1 physical therapy giving you the attention that you deserve for your health and wellness.

Synergy provides in-depth evaluations and a blend of traditional and holistic methods with cutting-edge technology.

What makes us different?

Our approach sets us apart. Synergy is defined as, "The whole being greater than the sum of the parts." The body is evaluated as an integrative whole, always looking for the root causes of pain and limitation which often involve areas away from the pain. During 1-on-1 treatments, a variety of methods are blended into an individualized approach to help you overcome pain.

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Scar Release the MPS Method

Synergy offers scar release using cutting-edge MPS technology that is safe and effective. Scars can cause discomfort and limitations in range of motion as well as sometimes other, seemingly unrelated symptoms at the scar and other parts of the body.

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